No Need To Say

i’m the sun that not shining to you
i’m a rainbow that not give you a color
i’m a moon that not give you a light in the darkness
i’m a star that run out and vanished

perhaps thats how you see me
you can leave me alone and make me sad
i just can silent because of it
to hold in my lonely without saying anything

i’m so afraid to make you angry
although its only a joking
although its only a greeting

whats my fault to you
if i should to go away from you
i will do it although its so hurt for me
but it can make you happy
if i should say sorry i will do it to you
sorry for all my fault and for all my behaviour

i know i’m not a perfect friend for you
and perhaps i’m not deserve tobe your friend
i know you couldn’t believe in me
and i can’t make you smile

i just can to say
Thanks for everything you did to me
sorry i couldn’t be a good friend to you
and always make you disappointed


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