Tentang Aku

Me is Me…

What Ever you Think….

My name is Hadi, my religion is Islam, today i try to life to be a good person not a bad person, really like to share and have many friend. Really want to be someone that’s very useful and helpful for everyone. then will be a lovelyful person. hahahaha…

Sometimes My friend tell that i’m a low profile person, but i dont really think so. sometimes becomes a funny man, always joking, serious, keep image, but sometimes is very shy and silent. hahaha…
Maybe i have many profiles and styles, hahahaha… Random Charasteristic but just one principle “Life must be Right”

Really like to make a discussion about anything and learning something new..

like to have many friend, relationship, make an Innovation or something different,

but actually only a person who close to me who know about me… so if you want to know about me,,, just be my best friends…ha…ha..ha..i’m the misterius man.

Dont Worry be Happy just let it flow.
Who is hadi? that’s the question that you must answer it,,, want to know about me,,, just be my friend,

i’m available in YM : hadist134@yahoo.com

wanna try me? 😀

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